Volkswagen New UP

Volkswagen New UP

Volkswagen New UP


This project was a competition pitch made for the German car company Volkswagen, the goal was to show the benefits of its new car highlighted by being versatile and secure, in addition to generate buying leads for the company.


Role: User experience manager
Company: Ogilvy & Mather agency
Client: Volkswagem
Project: Volkswagen New Up Launch
Year: 2017


Through the immersion we understood the target audience to which the car was destined: mothers, young adventurers and young middle class adults. Also, visiting dealerships we were able to assimilate on the website some characteristics of how the sellers presented the car and its features to the customers in physical stores.

The Solution

The website shows the car’s full potential and how it fits the public needs. There, the user can see all the features in detail and show interest in the automobile. Since most Brazilian customers do not purchase vehicles online, our goal was to generate leads for the brand.

Qualified leads - potential buyers contact

At the other end of the strategy, the leads were analyzed by the Brazilian credit analysis system – SERASA, and the ones with the greatest purchase potential were directed to a dealership in order to contact them, and so, having a higher probability of closing the sale.

User Experience Design Team: Fernando Souza, Flávia Goulart

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