Powerstats by Powerade & ESPN

Powerstats by Powerade & ESPN

Powerstats by Powerade & ESPN


Powerade is a soft drink of Coca-Cola Company that contains ION4, an advanced solution that replaces four electrolytes lost in sweat. This product is intended for consumers who like sports and non-professional athletes.

For the 2016 Summer Olympics we launched the “Powerstats” project in which users could track real time statistics. The project was hosted by ESPN Brazil website, an ESPN’s subsidiary.


Role: Digital Product Designer
Company: David Agency
Client: Powerade
Project: Powerstats

The Challenge

Design a solution that provides real-time information from the Olympic Games to a sports-loving audience.

My role

I designed the user experience from research, design and interface execution.

Main tasks

1. Plan ux process for designing the final solution including UX methodologies and user interface.
2. Plan and execute user research process.
3. Prototype user flows and wireframes by collaborating with other UX colleague.
4. Design the User Interfaces matching brands aspects and responsiveness.
5. Document the development specifications.
6. Plan motion of the website elements


1.User research
2.Thinking about the solution
4.Visual interface
6.Quality Assurance

User research

Desk research

We did a desk research process to raise data about the audience that loves sports. This research was done with Powerade’s own data and publishes about the audience.

Face-to-face interviews

We interviewed 10 sports fans, who are Powerade’s target, to have a deeper understanding of their motivations and behaviour.

Interviewee profile:
Men and women from 18 to 35 years old, sports enthusiasts and amateurs, A and B social status.


• This audience is very interested in their own performance. They’re competitive with themselves.
• They’re also very interested in performance data of the professional athletes they admire.
• They like to know the details of the sport bids. Such things inspires and encourages them, such as knowing the speed of a given athlete’s on a match.
• They’re excited about following every stat.
• They’re interested in more information about sports and athletes. They know the athletes’ records.
• They feel the content they consume gets outdated very quickly because they follow sports news as soon as they are published.
• They like to share online their own sports achievements and sports news.

The Solution

Enable real time tracking of sports bids during the Olympic Games, we conceptualized a website in which users could follow the games as a performance data. At the end of a match, the website became a repository of statistics.


The website should be very dynamic because its update had to be done in minutes. Users should perceive it as a timeline of the Olympic games, and the main information was the statistics of the games’ bids. To do this, we designed a modular website based on cards that highlighted the data of the bids along the event that was happening at the moment.
The data could be filtered by sport, by day and by a category called attributes, which was the value of public interest connected to Powerade brand.

War room

The statistics used on the website were generated from a war room with an analysis team of 20 people, including biomechanics experts, statisticians, journalists, designers and professionals from David agency.

Visual Design

The goal was to highlight the cards and bring brand elements to the project. The main element of Powerade is the diagonal cut, so we used it as base on both sports modality and on highlighted cards.

The cards

The cards were the main element of the interface. They brought statistics and still gave more information about the bid.
For a quick update on the card’s informations, we designed 5 cards’ templates that contemplated some uses of content.

Template 1: Title / Subtitle + image + text
Template 2: Title / Subtitle + image
Template 3: Title / Subtitle + number + text
Template 4: Title / Subtitle + number / text + badge + text
Template 5: Title / Subtitle + all type


We designed the icons for sport modality filters.


31 million +

people impacted


hours of statistics were produced

6 min

per sessions


share of voice higher than the main competitor

User Experience Design Team: Fernando Pereira, Heitor Trevisan
Motion Designer: Túlio Inoue
Motion & illustration Video: Vetor Zero
Creative Director: Rafael Donato
Copywriter: Fernando Pelizaro
Art Director: Zampa

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