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Itaú Unibanco is the largest private bank in Brazil. It’s ranked by Forbes as one of the largest companies in the world based on business generated, assets and market value with more than 50 million customers and 10 million digital users.
To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I’ve omitted confidential information in this case study. The information that follows is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of Itaú Unibanco.


Role: Digital Design Coordinator
Company: Itaú Unibanco S.A
Project: Itaú mobile Bank App
Year: 2019

The Challenge

Providing the best and easiest banking experience to our customers, as well as evolving and maintaining consistency of its UX and UI in the 10 million users’ app.

My role

I lead the design team responsible for the app during the entire process, from prototyping to creating visual design of the features, always working with fast methodology.

Main tasks

• Follow the user research process to address user problems through data analysis, qualitative research, such as focus group and in-depth interviews, and quantitative research, such as A/B tests.
• Participate on the creation of intuitive product flows, users task flows and prototypes.
• Lead and track the visual interfaces design (UI), including micro interactions, style guides and specifications.
• Ensure consistency of app experience considering design system and the existing legacy.
• Motivate and inspire ideas creating a productive and collaborative team.
• Develop the team thinking about their career.

The Product

The app is splitted into 3 major fronts:
• Services
• Financial management
• Investment


On services, the goal was to make the app as complete as possible, bringing everything the internet banking offers to be part of the mobile app, as well as developing new features.
We have around 35 services in the app nowadays, including:
• Bill payments, money transfers, prepaid cell phone services, automatic payments, taxes payments, credit cards services, salary portability, request of credit, services of trip, exchange, savings, debt renegotiation, security, Apple Pay, insurance services, customer service, and many more.

Each area of these services has sub items that creates a full financial experience to our customers.

The financial management and investment

This area is designed to empower users on understanding and controlling their finances by allowing them to categorize their expenses. It helps them to have a clear vision on how they’re spending their money.
By combining UX Research with data analysis, we understood the best way to reach the customer based on each user case. We also figured out how to help them improve their spendings by showing negative balance in a way that wouldn’t scary them, as well as giving tips on how to improve their balance by investing their money.

App consistency

Maintaining app consistency is one of the main parts of the process. When designing the experience we follow our element library and, to evolve something, each item must go through a decision map that includes use cases regarding the product’s element scale.

All features are designed considering design system to guarantee visual consistency and codification of elements.


4.7 ★ at Apple Store
4.3 ★ at Google Play

Digital Design Team: Manuela Doerr, Tatiane de Jesus, Lucas Cassim, Samira Kinoshita, Cadu Pereira.
Design Manager: Pablo Moura
Ux Design Coordinator Partner: Lucas Penteado

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