Honda Racing Spirit

Honda Racing Spirit

Honda Racing Spirit


Brazilians aren’t very connected with Formula 1 anymore and, for the launch of the new Honda car in Brazil, the Japanese brand wanted to relate the sport that was once very beloved by Brazilians to their new product.


Role: user experience & visual designer
Company: Ogilvy & Mather agency | Jussi agency
Client: Honda
Project: Race Spirit
Year: 2017


In this project we studied the profile of the Honda’s new car target customers. Through focus group we identified the main reasons that could bring back the love for F1: remembering Ayton Senna’s glory days and experiencing the feel of driving a F1 race car.


We conceptualized an experience in which the user could digitally know the details of a F1 experience. The user journey began with the publicity in the media of the “Honda test pilot” campaign, where users were invited to sign up to be Honda’s new test pilot. The next step was to drive cars and later share the experience.


The users were initially captivated by the media inviting them to be Honda’s new F1 test pilot. On the website the users could choose between the most emblematic Senna’s cars, the one that they would like to drive and live digitally the F1 experience.

The website culminates in the launch of the car. After a month of campaigning, it changed into Honda New Civic car website and the users impacted by the F1 experience were invited to know the new Honda car first hand.

Mobile version


This project was the winner of a competition pitch. Jussi agency, a WPP company, won the Honda digital account in Brazil and today is one its biggest clients.


User experience director: Pablo Moura
User experience designer partner: Rafael Miashiro
Planner : Fernando Goés

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