Cobogó is a real estate agency specialized in buildings of traditional architecture. Its clients value the theme: they like to know about the property, history, architect and other detailed information.


Role: graphic designer
Client: Cobogó
Project: Branding
Year: 2015

The brand seeks to express the concept of modernity and history at the same time. Their target audience is young people between 20 and 35 years old, concerned about environmental impacts, history, architecture and city development. Concept: Cobogó is the denomination given to elements, usually made of cement, that complete walls to allow greater ventilation and luminosity inside a property. It was conceived by Brazilian engineers of the 1930’s.


The brand is modular in order to transmit the feeling of customizable, friendly, adaptable.

The colors bring the modern side of the brand and also its Brazilianness and the element represents the cobogó.


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